Founded in 1999 by David Wood, Musicom is a specialist back room support service for the importation in to the United Kingdom of musical instruments, music related equipment, and music accessories from across the globe.

You will see from our Imported Brands Page that we are fully engaged in imports from ‘The EMEA Region’ [Europe, the Middle East and Africa] including companies based in The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Israel; ‘The AMER Region’ [The Americas] including companies based in Canada and The United States of America; and ‘The APAC Region’ [Asia-Pacific] including companies based in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia and China.

EMEA Region
Content (digital classical organs from The Netherlands), Mendieta (classical & flamenco guitars from Spain), Marleaux (bass guitars from Germany), Paoletti (electric guitars from Italy), K. Yairi (acoustic guitars from Japan via Denmark), Kandu (cajons from Isreal), Eich (bass & guitar amps from Germany), Pickaso (acoustic guitar bows from Isreal),

AMER Region
Northwood (acoustic guitars from Canada), RainSong (carbon fiber graphite acoustic guitars from the USA), GFI (pedal steel guitars from the USA), Krivo (pickups from the USA), Klos (carbon fiber graphite guitars & ukuleles from the USA), ToneWoodAmp (electro-acoustic guitar effects from the USA), Ohana (ukuleles from China via the USA), Deering (banjos from the USA), Mullen (pedal steel guitars from the USA), Goodrich (volume pedals & electronics from the USA), DROP Strap (guitar strap adjuster from the USA).

APAC Region
Collard & Collard (upright pianos from China), Beverley (drums & percussion from Taiwan), Levin (guitars from China), Charles Howes & Son (upright pianos from China), Arena (amplification product from China), Paris (woodwind from Taiwan and China), ResoVille (resonator guitars from China), K. Yairi (acoustic guitars from Japan via Denmark), Maestro (acoustic guitars & ukuleles from China via Singapore), Chuka Chuks (percussion juggling balls from Australia), D.Effects (Boutique Effects Pedals from China).

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